Tourism in Srilanka- Srilanka Tourism Packages

Srilanka is gifted not just by the man made wonders or historical splendour but this island country is immensely blessed by the nature, culture, traditions and warm hospitality of the people that make this Srilanka a popular holiday destination in south Asia.

Looking for best world’s best holidaying destination,Tourism in Srilanka- Srilanka Tourism Packages Articles then visit to Srilanka a beautiful island country of south-Asia surrounded by the Indian Ocean and often referred as jewel of India. It is one such a country where tourism is the major source of Income or why not, god has unleashed blessed this place with alluring attractions and wonderments, that magnet tourist from every nook and corner of the world. Whether you are looking for romantic honeymoon or simply wish to spend some quality time with your family and friends, Srilanka has ever thing to offer its vacationers.

The importance and charm of this tiny emerald country is really beyond the word and visual descriptions and touring to this exotic country is really like a dream comes true. Honestly this place always serves more than someone expectations.

There are many things which promote (go to link) at international level such as its heart grabbing attractions, world class accommodations, warm hospitality and its rich culture and tradition. This exotic country is blessed with numerous fascinating attractions such as silver sand beaches, exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries, picturesque landscapes, dense green forests, cascading waterfalls, and diverse ranges of floras and faunas which never fail to grab the heart of its vacationers.

Considering the tourism point of view, Srilanka Tourism Packages are designed in such a way which brings top most attractions to the vacationers and give them an amazing and unforgettable experience. Some of the top most attractions that one can explore during visiting to this place are given below.


well-famous as the cultural capital of Srilanka, Kandy comes among the major tourist places nestled in the hills at an altitude of 448 m, located at a distance of 115km from Colombo. Among numerous attractions Kandy Lake is one of the major tourist attractions was created in 1807 by Sri Wickrama Rajasinha, the last ruler of the kingdom of Kandy. The name Kandy was derived by the colonial rulers from the word kanda in Sinhala, meaning a hill. It has a rich history and visited by the tourists in the hordes. Some of the major attractions that one can explore on Kandy tours are The Temple of Tooth, Gadaladeniya Temple, Peradeniya Gardens, Knuckle Mountains, Hanthana Mountains and many more.


The capital city of Srilanka, Colombo is the major centre of arrival of tourists as well as one of the major attractions of tourist’s interest. This exotic city is famous for its fascinating attractions, history, culture and art. A bustling city it is one such a place which depicts the blend of ancient and modern culture. Some of the best attractions that one can explore through Srilanka tour are the Fort, Pettah, Galle Face Green, Slave Island, Mount Lavinia, Dehiwala Zoo, National Museum, and many more.


Located at 396 away from Colombo, Jaffna is one of the major places and the capital city of the North Province, Srilanka. It is known for its awe-some tourist attractions such as Casuarina beach hindu temples, keeraimalai baths, Dutch Forts and etc. well if you have any concern regarding reservations, hotels and looking for exclusive tour packages then you can contact with (visit site).

Srilanka Tourism – Experience the Finest of Tropical Paradise

Sri Lanka is well known for its outstanding beaches, ancient temples, ruins, thundering waterfalls, exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries, art galleries, museums and many wonderful sightseeing attractions.

If you are looking for an ideal gateway to enjoy vacation with unique and memorable way,Srilanka Tourism – Experience the Finest of Tropical Paradise Articles Srilanka is the perfect place for you.

Sri Lanka is well known for its outstanding beaches, ancient temples, ruins, thundering waterfalls, exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries, art galleries, museums and many wonderful sightseeing attractions. It is the wonderful country with so many wonderments that can hardly be circumscribed in words.

Srilanka has so many wonderful destinations and all are enigmatically blessed by the nature. Some of the amazing sightseeing spots that are worth visiting to known the specialties of (click here) are highlighted below:


Sigiriya is an important tourist spot in the central province of Srilanka. Known for its archaeological ruins, fortress and various tempting gardens, Sigiriya is the place of historical as well as cultural importance. The town is visited by great number of visitors all the year round knowing to its historical important and the alluring tourist attractions.

Attractions of Sigiriya

The Fortress, Water Garden, lion Rock, Murals, Boulders Garden, Audience Hall Rock, Sigiriya Moat, Cobra Hood Cave, etc are some of the prime attraction in Sigiriya.


Colombo is the capital city of Srilanka. It is not just known for its attractions but at the same time it the commercial head of the country. It is an exciting feeling that tourist from across the world get to Colombo, to enjoy vacation with ultimate experience of lifetime.

Tourist Attractions in Colombo

These are galaxy of tourist places in Colombo and all are enigmatically blessed with special features that engulf the heart of the visitors. Colombo Zoo, Colombo National Museum, Ruhana National Park, Botanical Gardens, the Dutch Period Museum, the Spumes Foundation, etc are some of the highly preferred tourist’s attractions in Colombo.

Beside all these there are so many other wonderful attractions in Srilanka which tourists will love to visit and explore during tours and travels in Srilanka.


Located at an altitude of 488 m, Kandy is the prime tourist attraction in Srilanka. It is amazingly beautiful and so is regarded as the cultural capital of Srilanka. Kandy has rich history and more importantly the Temple of Tooth is the most sacred temple in Kandy. It has so many wonderful attractions and among the many some of the prime one that are visited by the tourists during Kandy tours are The Temple of Tooth, Embanked Temples, Knuckle Mountains, Udawatte Kele, Hindu Shrines, Buddhist Temples, Peradeniya Gardens, etc.


Talking about the tourist attractions of the city, Anuradhapura has the long list. It has so many wonderful attractions and all are historically as well as culturally rich. It is also one of the major tourist attractions and tourists visiting this city can enjoy and explore so many tempting attractions that include Jethawana Stupa, Ruwanweli Stupa, Bodhi Tree Temple, The Archaeology Museum, Jetavana, The Western Monastaries, Lovamahapaya, The Moonstone, etc. These are some of the alluring sightseeing spots and attractions that magnets thousands of tourists all the year round.

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